Champagne Pol Roger

Making Champagne

The wine has undergone a second fermentation in the bottle. The sediment of yeast which has formed must be delicately coaxed to the neck of the bottle. This operation is known as remuage.

The bottles are taken down to the cellar. Pol Roger's cellars are over 4 miles in length and are situated more than 100 feet below ground. Here the ambient temperature is ideal : 48°F.

Dégorgement consists in ejecting the yeast deposit which has formed in the neck. After that, the bottle receives its final cork.

The bottle can put on its evening dress. The label, the metal cap, the neck label, etc. are put in place.

Pol Roger Champagne is ready to be drunk on those special occasions. Appreciate its finesse, its elegance and aromatic complexity. Enjoy tasting it.

The wines, which are not yet sparkling, are bottled. The liqueur de tirage (sugar) is added, together with some yeast.

This blending operation, which is very important, determines which wines from different vineyards and/or grape varieties will be used to constitute the cuvées.

The grapes are picked by hand in order to preserve their freshness as much as possible. For this same reason, the grapes are transported in small crates to prevent them from being damaged.

As soon as they arrive at the winery, the grapes gently pressed. The best of the juice which flows freely must be extracted.

The grape juice (or must) is analysed. Its potential volume of alcohol (specific gravity) and also its acidity are measured. With this information to hand, the oenologist will be able to take the necessary action to harmonise as much as possible these elements.

This is the magic moment, when the grape juice is transformed into wine. The effect of the yeasts is to turn the sugar into alcohol, and the aromas are revealed.

The process of creating a great Champagne begins among the vines. With its 210-acre vineyard, Pol Roger possesses a jewel. The work in the vineyard is respectful of its originality and of the environment.

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